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D-Pattern Kai’s method

Before beginning please read this page.

This is our recommended D-shaped mask, with easy to read instructions developed and written by Kai Anderson, one of our first members. There is a pleated pattern at this link.

Kai’s method simplifies the mask construction, while also introducing some nice features.

A sizes graphic follows the instruction images.

  • Side channels allow for a tighter fit, and easy replacement of the cord in the case of damage.
  • Wire nose-piece is optional with this mask, and is inserted through another channel left in the side.

Please note that this pattern is more time-consuming to make than the pleated version, but the additional work provides more structure and stability, and a more durable product.

This pattern allows for a 3/8” seam allowance

    1. Cut out all the pieces
    2. Stitch together lining and main fabric pieces separately along the curved edge, good sides together
    3. Clip curved edges and press out seam with fingers
    4. Top stitch curved edges down
    5. Fold over straight edges of lining twice, about ¼” on each fold and sew down
    6. Pin lining to main piece, good sides together
    7. Sew along edges
    8. Clip edges, flip right side out and finger press
    9. The edges of the main fabric will be folded over slightly. Press down with fingers or iron, then top stitch along edges
    10. Sew in wire channel.
      I have done this by setting my needle to the left side and positioning the edge of my foot along the top stitch line.
      I sew along the length of the lining, leaving the ends open.
      However, you may use a shorter channel across the bridge of the nose if you wish to make your wire piece permanent.
    11. Fold over the raw edges of the main material twice and stitch down the edge
      I find it easier to press these edges down with an iron before sewing
      Leave the edges of the lining OPEN. See photograph
    12. Thread in your ribbon/shoelace/elastic etc. through the channels you have just created.
    13. Insert your wire if one is desired
    14. Mask complete!

Please download the patterns at this page.


D Mask sizes
D Mask sizes

While it doesn’t show sewing the channel for the nose-wire, this video is otherwise an excellent demonstration of our preferred method for this mask.